6 Wedding Planning Pro Tips To Keep In Mind

Amidst all the excitement and joy of embracing a new life with your beloved, there will come a brief moment of panic. This moment can turn anyone into a bridezilla! Weddings need a lot of planning, which is why it is best to start early. Do not make the mistake of assuming that you have a lot of time. To help you prep ahead, we give you pro tips to keep in mind.

1- Budget

The most important advice for any bride is to not budge from your budget. Do not spend anything until the budget is in place. It is common for most of us to forget the little extras and you need a budget for them too. You need to factor in every detail and do not stretch too far. Account for all the minor costs like beauty expenses, gifts and dress alterations.

2- Find the right vendors

To plan a fun wedding, you need to have the right helping hands. Choose the right vendors to work with. You will easily be able to find vendors who offer services of decoration, catering, invitation designs, gifts, and more. Make sure you work with people who fit with your budget and who align with your needs.

3- Be selective with guests

It is important to sort the guest list early. It will allow you to find an ideal venue that caters to the number of guests. Consider cost per head when you budget. Do not be guilt trapped in inviting people you do not want to come. If you are planning an intimate wedding, keep the guest list to 50-70. It might seem like a hard thing to do but it has to be your decision only.

4- Have a plan B in place

No matter how much you plan and organize, there is something that might go wrong on the big day. It could be anything from catering to decorations or the weather. Have a plan B in place for each scenario and think of everything that may not go as planned so that you are not stressed out and panicking on the special day.

5- Give responsibilities to the groom

In most weddings, it is the bride who does all the planning and running around. Your partner may not have any idea about wedding planning but he will have his opinions. Listen to what he has to say and include his ideas too. A lot of guys like to be involved in the menu, music, and venue. Include them and give a few responsibilities to him.

6- Don’t overdo it

Every bride wants to look excellent on her wedding day. Do not let the stress take over your skin and health. Do not overdo it and just accept that not everything will be perfect at the same time.

Just remember, it is your special day and you are embarking towards a new life. Your partner loves you for you who are. Relax and have fun on the big day.

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