7 Top Bridal Entry Ideas For The New Age Bride

While growing up, most girls dream of a grand wedding, her groom and the wedding dress. However there is one more thing that is important for the new age bride-the bridal entry. How you enter the mandap will be the highlight of your wedding. The guests, relatives and most importantly, the groom will be waiting with bated breath to get a glimpse of you.

So, why not enter like a princess and make your entry memorable? Most importantly, it will be a highlight in your wedding video! We share some unique and creative bridal entry ideas for you.

1- Traditional palki entry

Irrespective of the type of wedding you have, there are some traditions that will never go out of style. An entry in a traditional palki is classic and elegant. Mark your entry in a beautiful floral decorated palki.

2- Entry with jhumkas and thumkas

This is for the fun loving bride who never gets tired of dancing. If you haven’t had enough of the music and madness in your Sangeet, mark your bridal entry with jhumkas and thumkas. It will immediately brighten up the mood of everyone present at the wedding.

3- Entry with your pet

Nothing like walking in to the mandap followed by your four legged friend. If you have a pet, dress them up in style and make your entry with the cute pet in tow.

4- Entry on a bike

It is your big day, why not ride in style? Gone are the days when brides used to walk in all shy and coy. Instead, mark your entry in style by riding a classic bike. It is the coolest entry idea for every new age bride in the country.

5- Entry with your father

Your father is your main man and he will always rule your heart. Mark the journey into a new life holding the hand of the one who taught you to walk. Enter the mandap with your father and try to control the tears.

6- Entry in a vintage car

Why does the groom always get to make an entry in style? You can enter the aisle in a stylish vintage car feeling like a princess. Choose an open roof car and decorate it with flowers, specially for your big entry.

7- Lastly, how about a baraat of your own?

Last but not the least, how about having a baraat of your own? Sing, dance and make merry while you take the first step towards a new life. Who said only the groom can have a baraat? New age brides love the concept of a baraat and it is gaining high popularity amongst all brides.

We have shared all the unique and quirky bridal entry ideas with you. Choose one that is fun and that makes you feel even more special on the D-day. Make sure you get the right photos while you mark a unique and unforgettable entry on the most special day of your life.

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